Sunday, April 14, 2013

Quick #LPCLdr, By the Numbers

Very quickly I'm going to cover some of the numbers that have come out of the race tonight, including regional breakdown and some interesting ridings. This is all in the "points" method, not raw votes, but I'll get to those... eventually.

So, lets start off with the national numbers.

Justin Trudeau - 24,668.7 points - 80.10%
Joyce Murray - 3,130.8 points - 10.16%
Martha Hall Findlay - 1,760.4 points - 5.72%
Martin Cauchon - 816.9 points - 2.65%
Deborah Coyne - 214.1 points - 0.70%
Karen McCrimmon - 210.1 points - 0.68%

Now, the provincial breakdown:

Next, the five ridings where Joyce Murray won:

Vancouver East - 59.4% Murray, 33.2% Trudeau
Vancouver Quadra - 55.6% Murray, 36.0% Trudeau
Vancouver Kingsway - 49.3% Murray, 41.8% Trudeau
BC Southern Interior - 48.0% Murray, 46.4% Trudeau
Vancouver Island North - 46.9% Murray, 46.0% Trudeau

Finally, the home ridings of each of the candidates, including those that dropped out:

Papineau - 93.2% Trudeau, 3.8% Murray
Vancouver Quadra - 55.6% Murray, 36.0% Trudeau
Montmorency-Charlevoix-Haute-Côte-Nord - 58.2% Trudeau, 36.7% Cauchon
Westmount-Ville-Marie - 67.0% Trudeau, 15.0% Murray
Carleton-Mississippi Mills - 67.0% Trudeau, 12.1% Murray, 9.8% McCrimmon
Ottawa-Orléans - 80.2% Trudeau, 9.0% Hall Findlay
Willowdale - 58.1% Trudeau, 27.0% Hall Findlay

I'll cover more later on. If you're interested in the results yourself, this is the place to check.


  1. Raw numbers plaese, lol. Personally, I already knew that Murrays support was collected by her team, not targeted at all, so it was bound to be inefficient. I am very interested in the raw vote count, and would actually like to see some analysis of her turnouts. IMHO the only useful thing to be gleaned from the voting numbers is every teensy nugget of info about drawing in supporters who have a relatively shallow commitment to the Liberal Party, and subsequently motivating them to actually vote. And that means Murray (and I guess seeing whatever happened to Takach`s gamer supporters at the end of it all)

    1. I will eventually get around to collating the raw vote data, unless the LPC puts it out first. If not, I have to do it riding by riding, and that will take some time!