Monday, April 22, 2013

Ontario Young Liberals AGM Coming Up

Its that time again!

The Ontario Young Liberals are going to be holding their Annual General Meeting on the weekend of May 31st to June 2nd, at the wonderful University of Windsor campus (I've visited it once, I can vouch for it). There you'll do AGM-ey stuff, anyone interested should know what its all about - you discuss some stuff relating to the organization, you review what has been going on, you talk with a few politicians, then you elect the Executive of the OYL. Then there are the hospitality suites, which is where the real fun begins...

But, I digress. Its a great networking opportunity and always fun, there are some awesome people in the OYL that make every day interesting and exciting. Plus, you get to hobnob with up-and-comers within both the federal and provincial Liberal parties, maybe even the leaders (maybe)! Well worth the time, and the $80 to attend as a delegate.

So if you're interested keep an eye on Also, here is a list of all the Young Liberal riding clubs in Ontario in case you want to contact them locally, and if you don't see one registered for your riding, send an e-mail to your local riding association (either federal or provincial) and they'll help you out I'm sure.

I'd also suggest to would-be delegates and associations alike that you consider subsidizing the costs of the delegate fee - its well worth the hit to get someone involved that previously wasn't, especially on the federal side, now that we have this bonanza of Supporters. We need to start reeling these people in, right?

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