Saturday, April 13, 2013

Liberal Leadership Vote Turnout

Teddy here. I've complied the data from ballots cast as of 3pm on Sunday Saturday (turns out I don't know what day is its!)

Note that while this is the official close of voting, there may be technical reasons why these are not the final results. (like me being a day early!) I've sorted the data based on the number of ballots cast, the total possible ballots cast (eligible voters), the turnout; but also by the share of total ballots cast, the share of total points available (100 per riding) and the "ratio" between the two. Higher numbers mean the ballot is worth "more" per point, while lower numbers mean it is worth "less" per point. For the sake of simplicity, the Territories have been combined into a single entry.

323 of 454 ballots cast (lowest)
Turnout of 71.1%
0.35% of ballots cast for 0.97% of points available.
Ratio of 2.819 (Each ballot cast in this area is 2.819 times as 'valuable' as the 'standard' ballot cast)

British Columbia
11502 of 16104 ballots cast
Turnout of 71.4%
12.30% of ballots cast for 11.69% of points available.
Ratio of 0.950

6327 of 9309 ballots cast
Turnout of 68.0% (lowest)
6.77% of ballots cast for 9.09% of points available.
Ratio of 1.343

2109 of 2704 ballots cast
Turnout of 78.0% (highest)
2.26% of ballots cast for 4.55% of points available.
Ratio of 2.015

3244 of 4450 ballots cast
Turnout of 72.9%
3.47% of ballots cast for 4.55% of points available.
Ratio of 1.310

44153 of 59570 ballots cast (highest)
Turnout of 74.1%
47.24% of ballots cast for 34.42% of points available.
Ratio of 0.729

10871 of 14587 ballots cast
Turnout of 74.5%
11.63% of ballots cast for 24.35% of points available.
Ratio of 2.094

New Brunswick
5168 of 6749 ballots cast
Turnout of 76.6%
5.53% of ballots cast for 3.25% of points available.
Ratio of 0.587

Nova Scotia
5625 of 7427 ballots cast
Turnout of 75.7%
6.02% of ballots cast for 3.57% of points available.
Ratio of 0.593

Prince Edward Island
1946 of 2615 ballots cast
Turnout of 74.4%
2.08% of ballots cast for 1.30% of points available.
Ratio of 0.624

Newfoundland and Labrador
2207 of 3151 ballots cast
Turnout of 70.0%
2.36% of ballots cast for 2.27% of points available.
Ratio of 0.693

92475 of 127120 ballots cast
Turnout of 73.5%
100.00% of ballots cast for 100.00% of points available.
Ratio of 1.000


  1. Sorry for editing the above post 10 times in 2 minutes. The Blog and I were having an argument about formatting.

  2. The bigger the turnout, the less hope that Joyce has. I am astounded by the turnout levels. Really and truly, I would have been pleasantly surprised by a 50% turnout, but this is blowing all my expectations away. I wonder if the Liberal Party is retaining voting preferences along with the supporters data. That would be a little bit 'icky' that it would preserve an actual record of the vote cast attached to the person who did it, but it could be indispensible in communicating with the Murray supporters when the dust settles.