Friday, April 26, 2013

BC Conservatives Lose Third Candidate This Week

Remember the BC Conservatives? I know they're really only just a sideshow right now, with nary a chance of making huge impact this election despite some good initial numbers back in time, but what an amusing sideshow they are.

This week alone has seen three previously nominated candidates for the Conservatives drop out for various reasons. The first, Jeff Sprague in North Vancouver-Lonsdale, did so for personal reasons. The second, Ian Tootill in Vancouver-False Creek, because he was an absolute moral cretin while trying to defend his "free speech," as BCL can attest to.

The third, Mischa Popoff in Boundary-Similkameen, has also now dropped out (or more accurately was kicked out) due to being yet another moral cretin, this time a highly religious one instead of a libertarian one as Tootill was. Popoff was a former contender for the leadership of the BC Christian Heritage Party (now run by 2009's BC Con leader Wilf Hanni), and shares an unfortunate last name with one of the biggest charlatans the worlds ever seen, which is very amusing to me. Popoff's comments, as noted in the HuffPo article, are not just sexist, but completely and utterly devoid of any thoughts towards the idea that women have rights. Saying the Missing Women's Inquiry is a "waste of time" amounts to Popoff essentially considering these missing and possibly murdered women nothing but lost property, an inconvenience at best. What a disgusting prick.

But for the Conservatives, what an unfortunate twist. Not only has their vetting failed to screen out the nutbars like Tootill or Popoff, but in the latter's case they've had a candidate in one of their strongest ridings drop out! Boundary-Similkameen was the BC Conservative's best riding in 2009, even outperforming the average that could be expected in all ridings across the province (had they run candidates in all 85 ridings). My own projection put them in the running to win Boundary-Similkameen, as well as and Too Close to Call (to lesser but still significant degrees).

Plus, Popoff could also have been considered something of a "star candidate," given that he is a published author and involved in the recent organic woo craze. So there's that.

But, the funniest part in all of this? Today is the cutoff date for nominations!! Unless the Cons can convince Elections BC to give them an extension, or nominate someone very quickly today, they will not have a candidate in Boundary-Similkameen. That leaves it wide open for the Liberals to collect the centre-right votes and make it that much easier to become the Official Opposition again, and keep the BC Conservatives irrelevant. Lets not even begin to get into how yet another incident with idiot candidates will further tarnish the reputation of the party.

At the very least Christy Clark will be somewhat happy, her campaign needs some good news.


  1. The PEI NDP, which is not known for it's organizational skills, has managed to find and put candidates in place, despite only an hour's "go time". IIRC they filled 3 ridings this way in the 2003 election - but they also failed doing so in 2 further ridings, and, were unable to find anyone in the final riding, period.

    1. FTR I was never privy to who the 3 were - but given some of the controversies in said election, it's not easy to put the puzzle pieces together. My guess, and I re-iterate this is a guess in case anybody from the PEI NDP wants to try to sue me, is the 3 were Kevin Roach (foot in mouth syndrome), Reg Pendergast (loyalist who I had been lead to believe did not want to run), and Leona Arsenault (who's riding is one where we were trying to lock up a star candidate). The 2 ridings where we almost had someone were Winsloe-West Royalty, where we missed by 3 minutes IIRC, and, Morell-Fortune Bay, where there is quite an interesting story about "the man with the beard" that I might share with people privately if they ask.

    2. You've lived an interesting life, Teddy. Not many can say, or I suspect are willing to admit to, working with the PEI New Democrats.

    3. Which reminds me, I had no idea you ran for Toronto City Council. You should speak more on that kind of stuff, not like I have similar experience.