Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April 6th Liberal Showcase

Though James Calder beat me to it, I thought I'd make a quick mention of the fact that I'll be going to the candidate Showcase this upcoming Saturday in Toronto. I even booked a day off work, so there's no getting away from it.

I'll be covering whats going on in this last official event being held by the party. This is the best I can really offer people since I won't be going to Ottawa to cover the live results there during the big reveal of Justin Trudeau's giant lead. I'll still cover that in a liveblog and on my Twitter, but it won't be in person.

So what is the Showcase, exactly? Its not much, to be honest. The six remaining candidates will make their final speeches starting at 1:30pm, and before that there will be a tribute to Bob Rae. Paul Martin will also be among the crowd doing... something. Beyond that I have no idea, except I'm sure there will be a lot of mingling and so on. As an accredited blogger - almost like a real journalist! - I have observer status, so I'm not sure how much mingling I'll really end up doing, but before the events even kick off, Scott Tribe and the Prog Bloggers are holding a meet-and-greet before hand which I'll be attending. Scott was even nice enough to make me a name tag! I'll treasure that thing forever.

Aside from basic coverage of the speeches which I'll be covering here, and the general Twittering I do, I'm going to try and see what else I can manage to get away with/do as a blogger. Will I get any interviews? Probably not with anyone or about anything big, but I've got my trusty recorder with new batteries and cleared memory ready to go. This is something I really wanted to do during the January 2012 convention in Ottawa and had several opportunities to, but I messed up when I left the house with all of my equipment - okay, just a recorder and camera, but it's still equipment - left behind. I shall not forget this time.

If I do get the opportunity again, I want to focus on a couple of issues that I've talked about ad nauseum on this blog: co-operation and Supporters. People may say that Trudeaumania 2.0 is the big factor in this race, but nothing has defined more of what's happened than the co-operation issue or what impact the Supporters will have. This means I'll be targeting people like Mike Crawley or the other Party organizers. I want their opinions on whats going on. That doesn't mean I won't be bugging just your average Liberals milling about either, so if you're there in Toronto on the 6th, beware of bloggers bearing gifts.


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