Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Utter Implosion of the BC Liberals Commences...

You thought they were first doomed following the HST fiasco.
But they bounced back.

Then, we all assumed they were done once Clark's honeymoon ended and Cummins' began, and we saw how incompetent the new Premier was.

But they bounced back... sort of.

Now, the third time out, I can't see how they'll bounce back from this.

While I'm realistic/cynical and know that every party has a secret memo like the one leaked by the NDP floating around, I can't believe how much of a PR disaster this has been for the BC Liberals. Its just never ending. How the hell can Clark survive this? Especially after she called an inquiry that will just keep the damn thing in the news all the way up until they drop the writs.

It isn't going to look pretty for the BC Liberals. I'm waiting for those post-scandal polls to come out and see if they maybe stabilize, or if the NDP move up to 50% support, or the Conservatives suddenly become relevant again.

But, there's a silver-lining I suppose - that is, for me. I'm interested in seeing what happens when the "free-market" alternative collapses in BC, and what form the next opposition to the NDP will take. Can the Liberals reform and renew? Will the Conservatives become the new alternative? Or will they go the route of Saskatchewan's anti-NDP forces, and form a new party out of the remnants?

I'm extremely curious about what will take shape. This election's gonna be fun, folks! Well, except for the BC Liberals... it won't be so much fun for them.


  1. The Conservatives have made fools of themselves too. If anyone will gain votes in opposition to the NDP it will be the Greens at this rate.

  2. The Greens may benefit a little, but I suspect not by much. Remember that the BC Liberals are fundamentally the old Socreds, who took over another party and its name. I expect they will do the same again. Perhaps the Conservatives can look forward to being favoured, but I think it more likely that a new party will be formed from the same old people with a long term plan for 1o years in the future.