Friday, March 29, 2013

Léger Quebec Poll: 33% PLQ, 29% PQ, 20% CAQ

Léger Marketing has come out with a poll for Québec's provincial scene tonight, the second one they've put out this month and the first one after Phillipe Couillard's win in the Liberal leadership race earlier this month.

Léger Marketing (Québec Provincial - March 25-28, 2013 - +/-3.1%)
Parti libéral: 33% (+3%) - 59 seats
Parti Québécois: 29% (-2%) - 55 seats
Coalition avenir: 20% (=) - 7 seats
Québec solidaire: 9% (=) - 3 seats
Option nationale: 3% (-1%) - 1 seat
Parti vert: 4% (-1%)

Compared to that last poll, this is definitely a positive for the Liberals, who now have their first lead in polling since the December 2012 election. Couillard's honeymoon is in full effect, it seems.

Regionally, the Liberals lead in the Montréal RMR with 37% to 27% for the péquistes, with François Legault's CAQ far behind at 16%. The Liberals also lead in the Québec RMR, 33% to 28% for the caquistes and 25% for the péquistes. Only in the rest of Québec do the péquistes lead, 33% to 28% for les libéraux and 23% for the caquistes. Jean-Martin Aussant's Option nationale earned 3% in the region, which is where their one seat comes from (Nicolet-Bécancour, of course).

Its about time this happened, given that the péquiste government of Pauline Marois continues to be wholly unpopular. Only 28% approve to 69% who disapprove, continuing a big negative trend, as there's never been a point when Marois' government has been "popular." Not even francophones approve of this government. The only ones enamoured with the job they're doing are péquiste supports themselves - a whopping 94% of Liberal and 90% of CAQ supporters disapprove of the government. Wow.

Right from the start, Couillard is seen by 25% of respondents as the person who would make the best "premier ministré," compared to just 17% each for Marois and Legault.

Unfortunately for Couillard, it seems that most respondents don't want an election; 58% don't want new elections right away, compared to 28% who do. The latter is made up mostly of Liberal supporters, while CAQ supporters are split 38% who want a new election, to 51% who don't. QS supporters, for some reason, definitely don't want a new election.

Anyways, map!

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