Sunday, March 10, 2013

Just Because Conservatives Shut Up, Doesn't Mean We Don't Know....

.... that a lot of them have dangerous ideas for the future of this (and many other) country.

This is what I don't get, coming from the likes of Preston Manning or the various conservative commentators down south. To them, it isn't that they're wrong, it's just that Canadians think their positions are wrong. Therefore, they should keep their mouths shut about their views on issues where the current is clearly against them, whether its rape or child pornography. Why would they take a serious look at those positions when they can just hide them?

See, the difference we're seeing between much of the conservative movement and the liberal establishment in any country in the 21st Century is that we don't need to hide what our ideas are - we know that voters are generally inclined to support what we have to say. Conservatives, on the other hand, must hide whatever putrid little thought ends up in their heads, because they know it'll turn the population against them.

It doesn't mean they're leaving such ideas by the wayside, oh no. Those ideas are still there, still lurking in the background, and they'll implement them when they get a chance. Manning's conference just goes to show that the whole "hidden agenda" thing was never too far off from the truth, and conservatives know it.

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