Thursday, March 21, 2013

Angus-Reid BC Poll: 48% NDP, 28% BC Liberal

Angus-Reid has come out with a new poll for British Columbia, showing not too much change but solidifying the current trend - or lack of one - following recent scandals for BC's Christy Clark.

Angus-Reid (BC Provincial - March 18-19, 2013 - +/- 3.5%)
New Democratic: 48% (+1%) - 66 seats (+3 seats)
BC Liberal Party: 28% (-3%) - 16 seats (-5 seats)
BC Conservative: 11% (+2%) - 1 seat (+1 seat)
Green Party: 11% (+1%) - 0 seats
Independents: 2 seats (Huntington and Hadland)

While the BC Liberals have dropped since Angus Reid's February release, the drop is inside the margin of error and isn't as significant as you'd expect following ethnic-gate and the fallout from it. The Liberals have remained the main competition to the NDP, who continue to sit far ahead of the incumbent party. At the very least, the Liberals should be happy it doesn't seem as if they'll be wiped off the map - not at this point, anyways.

Regionally, the NDP lead everywhere, with their biggest leads in Vancouver Island (53% to 20% for the Liberals) and northern BC (48% to 21%). Their lead is smaller in the Vancouver area (50% to 30%), and much smaller in the Interior (39% to 31%).

The Conservatives do their best in the Interior with 17% support, also where their one seat (Boundary-Similkameen) is located. The Greens do well on Vancouver Island (18%) and in the North (17%).

Angus Reid also asked respondents some questions about the respective party leaders. NDP Leader Adrian Dix leads Christy Clark for "Best Premier," 31% to 16%, while Conservative Leader John Cummins and Green Leader Jane Sterk sit in the single digits.

In terms of "who is best handled to deal with ," Dix gets some impressive scores on health care and education (39% each), the latter issue being in the news recently. He leads everyone on every other issue, except for the environment, where Jane Sterk takes 30% to Dix's 23%.

Clark does best on the economy (trailing Dix, 28% to 22%), and federal/provincial relations (21%). She leads her free-market rival Cummins on every issue, though its very close on the issue of crime (17% to Cummin's 14%).

Just to note, the economy remains the biggest issue for British Columbians, followed by health care.

We get to approval/disapproval. Clark hits rock bottom with 27/65, while Dix gets a good score but with a hefty opposition, 47/39. Cummins is just as unpopular as Clark, 18/51, while Sterk breaks even (sort of), 27/29.

Finally, 62% of respondents believe the time is now for a change in government, compared to 23% who say it isn't. Not a good sign for the Liberals.

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  1. eric at 308 had it right when he wrote that it would take Clark saving a baby from a burning building to turn this around. or reversly Dix strangling kittens.