Tuesday, February 12, 2013

So, you say Sun News deserves a chance on TV?

How about you say that after you see this piece of bullshit, just today put out all across the Sun News network:
Evangelicals are un-Canadian: NDP leader Thomas Mulcair
NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair lashed out at evangelical Christian groups Monday, accusing them of going "completely against" Canadian values and law with their beliefs about homosexuality.

Mulcair's anger spilled over when reporters asked about Crossroads Relief and Development - a group that's received $389,000 from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) to build wells and provide clean water to 11,000 people Uganda.

Crossroads has called homosexuality a sin, a belief the NDP connects to anti-gay violence in Uganda and a stalled Ugandan bill to prohibit gay rights promotion.

"We don't understand how the Conservatives can ... subsidize a group in Uganda whose views are identical to those of the Ugandan government," Mulcair said.

It's not clear how Mulcair drew that conclusion.
If you want to actually hear what Thomas Mulcair said, you can watch this video of the scrum from the Globe and Mail, unfiltered.

In the entire span of that 1:15-minute video, nowhere does Mulcair imply that Canadian evangelicals are "un-Canadian." What he says is that this specific evangelical group has stated values that run counter to what he says are "Canadian values." A poor choice of words possibly, but it doesn't take a genius to realize that he's referring to the codified laws of the land, which are decidedly in favour of LGBT civil rights - Crossroads GPS and its affiliated groups are not. Conflict of interest, much?

Furthermore, follow the bolded parts in the above portion of the story. This author and therefore Sun News are basically trying to call out Mulcair and the NDP on what their wording suggests is a silly idea that thinking homosexuality is a sin, as Crossroads and their affiliated groups do, leads to violence against homosexuals. I mean, that's crazy right? Right??

No. There are only two reasons for anyone to get uptight over what homosexuals do on their own time: either they find it icky but deep down know they love it, thus those conflicted feelings bring out anger and frustration; or your little book tells you they're going against your deity's will. Those are the only reasons for violence to be directed against LGBT individuals, and neither of them are actually valid in a sane, reasonable society.

Granted, in the article they say that this group denounces the violence we've seen in Uganda, and I'm sure they mean it, I doubt these people are on the same level as the bigots in Uganda behind these attacks - but it doesn't change the fact that you're still promoting the reasons for the violence! Its still unacceptable, especially by Canadian standards, which Mulcair absolutely was right to say.

It gets better:
Don Hutchinson, with the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, said Mulcair should know the Supreme Court has ruled religious beliefs don't disqualify Canadians from engagement with government.

He adds that Canadian evangelicals have spent more than $535 million on development work overseas.

"When you work with organizations that function on the 'love your neighbour' principle, you get a better return on your dollar," he said.
What a crock. There's nothing wrong with religious-based charities wanting to partner with the government, and sometimes - though this is hardly the case these days - religious groups are the only ones with any infrastructure in certain areas for the government to partner up with. But there must be an understanding between the government and the religious group - you cannot go around promoting your version of morality on the taxpayer's dime!

Agree with it or not, going around stating that "homosexuality is a sin" is a statement of your morality, not the Government of Canada's nor of the taxpayers - especially this one. I couldn't care less what you believe privately, but if you're going to receive my money, you're going to smarten the hell up and remove any reference to your Bronze Age ethics. Simple as that - don't like it, then we'll find someone else to give our money to.

And yes, I'm aware that this probably isn't actual law - but it bloody well should be. How we as Canadians can settle for supporting religious charities in their attempt to proselytize among some of the most unfortunate and desperate in our world, I don't know.

But, let's get back to Sun News. Not only have they spun Mulcair's words so much that I feel dizzy even looking at this crap, they then have the gall to put in this quote from Mr. Hutchinson which basically says that yeah, maybe we consider homosexuals disgusting and sinful, but that doesn't mean your tax money shouldn't come to us - oh, and by the way, that "love your neighbour" principle, which incidentally doesn't extend towards homosexuals, yeah, we're the only ones that apparently operate on it. 'Cause apparently secular charities like Doctors Without Borders are just so full of hate.

I will never, ever voluntarily pay for Sun News to push its crap on 24/7 and on TV. I'm so anal about not giving these charlatans money that I've made sure my adblocker keeps them from getting any money as I browsed that stupid story. Why would anyone support this crap?

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