Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Revenge of the Ford

Hm, this probably isn't good news:
Rob Ford seen to be best of last 8 Toronto Mayors

One quarter say Rob Ford is the best of Toronto's mayors going back to David Crombie (22%), followed by David Miller (19%), Mel Lastman (14%) and David Crombie (13%). Few give consideration to Barbara Hall or Art Eggleton (4% each) or, indeed, John Sewell (2%) or June Rowlands (1%).

How the hell can someone who is essentially the cause of all of his problems, a walking tornado of controversy and issues who came to this job with the intent to stop the "gravy train" but has failed spectacularly to do anything, be considered the best mayor in 40 years!?

According to the Forum poll from where this information comes from, 48% approve of Ford (up from 45%), with 52% disapproving. For someone as useless as he has been in office, this amazes me.

Forum did some mayoral trial heats - essentially, polling - and the news isn't necessarily good their there either. Ford beats Smitherman in a two-way race (45% to 40%), he beats Vaughan and Smitherman in a three-way race (44% to 29% for Vaughan and 15% for Smitherman), but loses - barely - to Olivia Chow in another three-way race with Smitherman (Chow with 43% to Ford's 38% and Smitherman's 11%). I assume he'd lose majorly to Chow in a two-way race.

As expected, Ford's support comes from the suburbs - Etobicoke, North York, and Scarborough. These people somehow see this guy as the one who will give the suburbs a voice. I honestly do not understand it. What has he offered anyone? He can't control Council, his own stupidity caused that conflict of interest ruling, and he's an all-around mess.

This is the representatives of the suburbs? I feel ashamed.


  1. I feel your pain.

    "… and the news isn't necessarily good their either."
    should be:
    "… and the news isn't necessarily good there either."

  2. Damn, I'm another victim of the there/their/they're troika. Some official linguist should fix that.

  3. God Toronto has had an awful mayors for the past 40 years.

    Hell, I can't think of one good mayor Toronto has EVER had.

    If I had been asked this question in a poll I'd have cried.

  4. These polls are bogus. You ask the same question in the US who the best President is and you will get Obama, Clinton, maybe Reagan 3rd. Its the latest politicians people know. They will not vote for Woodrow Wilson, or Mayor Fred Gardiner.