Friday, February 8, 2013

On Brazeau

I'll try to keep this short, because in all honesty I find the current news circus over Senator Patrick Brazeau's alleged criminal actions to be a bit too wall-to-wall. I prefer watching my fellow Ontarians suffer in Snowmaggedeon Pt. 2.

I don't know the details of Brazeau's charge, nor do I want to - its not of my business, and given the charge itself, it doesn't sound like it'd be very pleasant to hear. Those are things for the legal system to discuss with him.

I also really don't want to hear the rehash of his career's biggest controversies - I know of them already, and while they're silly and stupid things, they're not as meaningful as what this alleged charge is.

While yes, Harper and co. should have vetted Brazeau better, I don't want to hear about how this is the Conservative's fault. Brazeau makes his own choices in life and it's impossible to know, for anyone, what outcome could come of it. Lots of people have short tempers, after all, and a lot of them don't end up on bail for an alleged sexual assault.

All I want to know is - how can we get this guy out of the Senate?

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