Monday, February 11, 2013

Nanos Poll: 34.3% Con, 27.6% Lib, 27.1% NDP

In our second poll today, Nanos Research has come out with its apparently quarterly numbers for the federal scene in Canada, showing relatively stable numbers, though as always, with that special Nanos boost for the Liberals - though, given Forum's recent numbers, it may not be so unique to Nanos this week.

Nanos Research (Federal - January 26-31, 2013)
Conservative: 34.3% (+0.5%) - 151 seats (+6 seats)
Liberal Party: 27.6% (-1.4%) - 91 seats (-10 seats)
New Democratic: 27.1% (-0.1%) - 91 seats (+1 seat)
Bloc Québécois (QC Only): 19.8% (+0.5%) - 4 seats (+2 seats)
Green Party: 4.7% (+1.0%) - 1 seat (+1 seat)

As I said, compared to their November 2012 numbers, everything's pretty stable. This Nanos poll does, however, have some odd regionals that you may not necessarily expect, such as the large Liberal lead in British Columbia, with 36.8% support to the Conservative's 27.9% and the NDP's 25.9%. If true, it would give the Liberals 16 seats on the Left Coast, the most they've had in the province since... well, ever.

In Ontario, we see the Conservatives drop a tad to 36.2% (from 39% before), and the Liberals drop a lot to 28.3% (from 33%), while the NDP rise to 28.9% support (way up from 19%). However, despite posting these fairly good numbers for them in Ontario, the NDP are collapsed in Quebec, with only 31.1% support, to the Liberal's 25.8% and the Bloc's 19.8%, and the Conservatives even posting an impressive 19.1%. These low Quebec numbers for the New Democrats have been pretty consistent across all pollsters as of late, and I may do a post about it later.


  1. FTR this would result in the NDP becoming the official opposition, since it was the official opposition prior to the election.

    1. Hm true enough, I just ordered it due to my own inherent bias towards the Libe-uh, I mean, due to the fact that the Liberals had slightly more topline support.