Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Madam Premier

I've got to repost something that Scott Tribe, so far as I know, originally posted on Liblogs today: it's a Tumblr page called "Madam Premier," which has done an absolutely fantastic job of collecting some of the dredge at the bottom of the cesspool that idiots tend to inhabit. Its a project started by @DiamondIsinger, who I suggest everyone follow on Twitter for updates and the like.

Here's some of Madam Premier's greatest hits, and if you see these people online - especially some of the Twitter commentators - feel free to point out that their stupidity is fully archived and available for their family, friends, spouses, and co-workers to see.

This tweeter tries to co-opt the Let’s Talk mental health day hashtag to suggest that female lesbian Premier Kathleen Wynne is mentally ill because of who she is.This guy shares some “foul words” (to quote him), then apologizes, but says he just can’t help being a sexist & a jerk. Oh, okay. Because it always makes women feel better about sexism when you tell them it’s their fault for making you that way…



  1. Maybe Pauline Marois is a stupid bitch? One could certainly argue that Stephen Harper is a fucking asshole. I'd rather be reduced to a loveable family pet than a hairy sphincter that primarily serves as an exit for fecal matter.

    1. Fair enough, however the point is that if you're going to criticize someone, best not to call them a fairly misogynistic term while also saying you'll piss on them. Plus, some of the other comments aren't exactly "proper" things to say.

      I'm not shy of using profanity to describe someone's stupidity, but I prefer to think I'm a little more respectful and eloquent than that.

  2. With respect, you are full of it Diamond girl..Not once did you mention Christy Clark appearing on Fox 99.3 fm..She made many appearances there where Christy Clark talked about strip poker in the legislature, she talked up Mr. Skin the celebrity nudity site, or when she was still a radio host on CKNW where Christy Clark stated on air.."My favorite show is Manswers on Spike TV" snip

    A gross show where the main theme is crushing beer cans with breasts and bottling up farts for a later date.

    Christy Clark with a News years message sent to the public mused about Richard Branson`s naked kite surfing offer.

    Or this weird display.

    And you Diamond Isinger are just itching for a fight, here`s the proof...Here you are in action, digging for confrontation

    You are a BC Liberal plant Miss Diamond.

    Your backing a horse(nag) named Glue!

    1. I've left a comment on your blog, Grant, that I think you should read. I hope you realize the difference between someone in a conversation, having fun or joking around - versus outright misogyny directed against Clark, which some people, like those highlighted by Isinger's site, use as their only arguments against her. Or, for that matter, any of the other female Premiers.

      I'm sure you have some legitimate grievances against the Clark government - which is fine, I don't care. But you're not helping your cause by forwarding these comments, or essentially positioning yourself to become the defender of the people Isinger has exposed.

  3. @Kyle...Christy Clark can talk smut on radio, the question from "Andrew from Comox" was in fun too.

    How about Christy Clark quiting S-F-U after getting caught cheating on elections.

    Or how about Christy Clark being a vindictive shrew on radio

    Or Christy Clark having to grudgingly retract on air for falsehoods spoken.

    Calling someone a bitch or bastard is acceptable, and don`t you dare lump me in with homophobs or racists, I have a right to call out liars, and bullshitters.


    1. I didn't say it was unacceptable - but you're not exactly doing yourself any favours by calling Clark a "bitch" or a "vindictive shrew" when your opposition is trying to point out misogynistic comments.

      You can call whoever you want, whatever you want - and as I stated, you may have a legit reason for you antagonism. At the same time, you're using language that paints you into a specific corner, thereby helping someone like Isinger say, "Grant G's points are illegitimate because he's just another misogynist, look at the things he says!"

      If you want to put yourself in that situation, fine, be a jackass and ensure nothing you say is taken seriously.

  4. Your words are quite pathetic too..Kyle H, and I quote..

    "No. There are only two reasons for anyone to get uptight over what homosexuals do on their own time: either they find it icky but deep down know they love it, thus those conflicted feelings bring out anger and frustration; or your little book tells you they're going against your deity's will. Those are the only reasons for violence to be directed against LGBT individuals, and neither of them are actually valid in a sane, reasonable society."..

    Those are your words Kyle, let me tell you, there are no reasons at all to be upset or angry with anybody regardless of sexual orientation or religion, unless Canadian laws are broken people have no right..

    Now Kyle, I understand that you meant no harm with your words, but anyone can twist and spin..

    You are too young to know of Christy Clark`s sins, political sins, and for those I can call her a bitch, or liar..

    Since you don`t live in BC, since you not know of the environmental fights I`m in, have won, or those we must win, my fight for water, for salmon, fish habitat, the fight against corporate facism and political corruption, don`t5 you dare try to paint me with a broad brush.

    Good Day

    1. What is that quote supposed to show? It shows nothing.

      And I'll paint you how you've decided to present yourself, Grant, because your words are obviously showing something. As I've repeated, you may have legit reasons for your grievances, but what you say only spells out for others - whether true or not - how much of a bigot you are. You may have been in the awesomest of awesome "environmental fights," LOTR-scale stuff, but it won't matter when people can point to you using the exact words someone has been exposing people for using. It just isn't smart. Think about the context, dude.

      But, whatever. Sorry for trying to help out, I'll remember to avoid doing this in the future.

  5. Here is the Milf in action, using sexuality again, on air, in a public forum..

    Christy Clark is unfit to lead Government, if a male leader ever did something like that, he would be lambasted in spades..