Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Leger Alberta Poll: 40% PC, 28% WRP, 13% NDP, 12% ALP

Leger Marketing's first poll in Alberta since last year's election is out, showing something of a drop for the governing Progressive Conservatives (not surprising given current news, though this poll is a bit older than that stuff), but also a drop for the Opposition Wildrosers, and bare increases for the Liberals and NDP.

Leger Marketing (Alberta Provincial - January 14-20, 2013)
Prog. Conservative: 40% - 62 seats
Wildrose Party: 28% - 14 seats
New Democratic: 13% - 6 seats
Alberta Liberal: 12% - 5 seats

No regionals, and I managed to get the same numbers as Eric at Its interesting to point out that since June 2012, the Wildrosers haven't breached 30% support. It doesn't seem like Danielle Smith's party is catching on as a strong Opposition party, sitting roughly at where the Liberals were before them.

However, given Redford's recent troubles, I could see the PC numbers tumble further. This government, which I think many of us small-l and big-L liberals had high hopes for as a true "Progressive" Conservative government, definitely hasn't lived up to any high standards. Accusations of corruption, patronage, and so on - never good things to have attributed to you during the lifespan of any government.

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