Saturday, January 26, 2013

Wynne to become Premier

It's all over but the voting. Unless divine intervention occurs, Kathleen Wynne will be elected as leader of the Ontario Liberal Party in 2 to 3 hours. Unfortunately, I will not be able to be around for that, as I had other plans for today, so this is the final update from me. I'm certain Kyle will have a much better post when he returns.

Wynne's victory means that all 4 of Canada's largest provinces now have female premiers, meaning 75% of Canadians live in a province lead by a woman. Wynne becomes the first Premier of Ontario actually from Toronto itself in decades. Wynne is also the first openly gay premier in Canada's history. Wynne has said she wants to re-open the legislature in mid February and has expressed a willingness to work with the NDP to avoid an election, something the NDP has expressed a willingness to accept.

So what of the others?
Sousa is widely expected to become Finance Minister.
Kennedy may get some kind of government job where he will be assigned the Education file, and ordered to put out the fires that bill 115 started.
Hoskins may well end up in Cabinet.
Takhar, who has been in Cabinet, can be expected to be in Wynne's Cabinet as well (unless he wants to quit from politics)
Pupatello, however, without a seat is more likely to go to way of Brian Topp, or Gary Marr, and vanish into the wilderness that is employment in big business.

On a personal level, I'm alright with this. Wynne was always my 3rd choice behind Pupatello in second and Kennedy in first. My main concerns, and something that Liberals across the province should be concerned with, is Wynne is tied to the existing government, and any scandals that McGunity wore, could be made to fit Wynne as well. Wynne does manage, however, to tap into the quickly growing "progressive" urban and suburban voter, and could be key to holding the NDP to 3rd place, which itself may be what is needed to win another Liberal majority in this province.

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