Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wynne Expects to Lose? No, geniuses.

This stupid video popped up today, and was posted by BigCityLib earlier in a post that has other stuff I really don't know about, nor care about. This isn't a small campaign being run, folks, it's a pretty big one - mistakes will happen, if these mistakes are actually verified. Take a chill pill.

Anyways, basically in the video - and without context I may add - Wynne is in the video saying that it isn't about whether the Ontario Liberal government is re-elected... and of course the person uploading it doesn't allow her to finish the thought. I like the propaganda going on here.

The point of this though is to say that we want someone who can win, with all that emphasis. Thereby implying that Kathleen Wynne expects we'll lose and has a defeatist attitude.

Really? I mean, let's just look at this video: in no way does she say "we're gonna lose!" - she says that to her, the leadership of the party is not just about winning the next election!! Kathleen Wynne takes a long-term look at the Ontario Liberal Party's current situation, and says that hey, we gotta work to ensure our viability down the line, not just to the next election.

She could also be implying - who knows, because we have no context - that she is looking towards what impact this government can have simply beyond the next election. What policies and actions can the current government take to make a lasting, positive impact on Ontario - not just policies and actions that'll get us re-elected, maybe.

How is that a bad trait? How is it a negative that a potential leader is willing to look at this party or this province and take the long view?

It isn't, of course. This video, and whoever uploaded it, are simply trying to send out any scrap of evidence that Wynne is bad to the uninformed voters, party members, and delegates. Luckily I think most people are smart enough to see past it.

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  1. The video is spot on. You know what happens to Premiers and Prime Ministers (and candidates to those jobs) who care more about serving the public and doing a good job than being re-elected? They don't get re-elected.