Sunday, January 13, 2013

Thus, the OLP Leadership Race Degrades to This

Warren Kinsella came out with this drive-by against Kathleen Wynne this morning:
After yesterday, it’s pretty clear that the next 10 years of Ontario’s future will be determined by today.

The question is clear, too. Do you select someone who can get support in every part of the province, from Left and Right – or do you pick someone who will lose votes to the NDP (because city voters will always pick the real New Democrat over the pretend one), and who will lose votes to the PCs (because the countryside has had quite enough of downtown Toronto telling them what to do)?

Today sets the next decade. Win again. Or spend a decade in opposition, saying, over and over: “We made a mistake.”
Yeah. For someone who currently works, and I guarantee probably worked heavily in the past, in downtown Toronto, he sure does bash it a lot.

Sigh. I don't get this "Left and Right" thing - why are we appealing to the sideshows of the electorate? We should be aiming towards the vast majority of moderate voters, who enjoy compromise and reform, like most of these candidates support doing anyways. Kinsella makes Pupatello sound like she'll bridge the gap between the two extremes, and that Kathleen Wynne will just drive them all away from us!! I ask you... a) why so dramatic when there is barely any difference between them in policy, and b) do you think those in the polarized camps are really going to continue to support the Liberals next election? They didn't the other elections!

That brings me to the "city voters will always pick the real New Democrat." Uh, okay, given that we've won the urban vote for the past, what, four or five elections? Kathleen Wynne also doesn't even sit in a NDP-leaning riding, she represents a riding that would probably go PC in their better years. I also don't see Wynne as left-leaning, and she probably doesn't seem so to anyone except the media which looks for any narrative that divides a race into clear camps. There are no clear camps.

I'm also pretty sure rural voters who abandoned us in the first place, aren't going to rush back to the Liberals, no matter who we elect as leader. Also, Wynne isn't from "downtown Toronto," not like Kinsella is anyways. Besides, are they more likely to listen to someone from downtown Windsor? Not exactly Caledonia, is it.

Its just crap. It is partisan crap, and I understand why he must put it out there, but crap it be. Simple as. I don't even have anything against Pupatello, she's likely my second choice.

If you want my view, as someone who thinks up political strategies as their daydreams, we're likely going to lose the next election, no matter who gets put into the Leader's Office. You may as well accept that now, because it'll be a miracle otherwise.

In that regard, what you want is someone who will lead this party as best as they can into an election, limit their losses, and give it their best shot - but begin the reform of the party now. You want someone who sees the problems the electorate as with us, and will work to fix them, or at least work to supplement one lost voter base with an appeal to another. You want someone who looks into the OLP machinery and see what is working and what isn't. One that will democratize the party, and work in government or opposition to see that the Party is expressing the right policies, the right attitude, and the working on the right strategies for winning elections and governing a province of 13-million.

I believe that Kathleen Wynne is the best person to do exactly that. I don't need to smear other candidates with silly non-sequiturs to make me want to support her - if other candidates do need that, then maybe you should reconsider their appeal.

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  1. WK only knows one thing -- win at all costs. He'll say and attack anyone to stake out his position as king (or queen) maker; this is no different. Unfortunately he's done more to damage the Liberal brands than most of our opponents.