Saturday, January 26, 2013

#OLPldr Final Ballot Results

Hey folks, Kyle here - and sadly, I'm not at the convention but damn do I wish I was! Instead I get to go to work, but either way the candidate with the best experience and the best plan has won.

What a night it has been as well. I didn't catch most of it but for the past hour I've been pouring over everything I can, and its been a pretty wild ride it seems. Thousands of Liberals in Toronto have taken a look at six candidates and decided, quite correctly in my view, that Kathleen Wynne had the best experience, the best plan, and the best attitude to become the next Premier of Canada's largest province and its governing party.

It must be pretty overwhelming, and I just want to say congratulations not just to Wynne, but to all the other candidates - Sandra Pupatello, Charles Sousa, Gerard Kennedy, Harinder  Takhar, and Eric Hoskins. Thank you for running and bringing forward your campaign of ideas and personalities, it was a great race and as I said several times before, I would've been happy with any of these candidates as our Leader!

Congrats as well to all the delegates well who went to the convention as well. Like I mentioned, I wish I was there as well - but I missed out on that opportunity, unfortunately. Not going to happen again, especially with the federal convention coming up!

Anyways, enough blabbering - the final ballot results for the 2013 Ontario Liberal Leadership Race:

Kathleen Wynne - 1,150 delegates - 57.04%
Sandra Pupatello - 866 delegates - 42.96%
Total - 2,016 ballots

As mentioned, Wynne won, and what a solid win indeed. It wasn't actually that close, but there was definitely a race to be had - Kennedy, Sousa, and Hoskin's support definitely helped. Pupatello only gained 40 votes from the second ballot, Wynne over 400.

What's ahead for the Ontario Liberals and Premier Wynne is not going to be easy, thats for sure. The polls are currently not friendly towards us, same with many of our former electoral allies (such as the teachers). Our base has shrunk down to the GTA and we're in a minority position. Basically, we're not exactly on the up-an'-up right now.

But Kathleen Wynne has what it takes, I believe. She has my support and the support of thousands - including all Liberals. We're not tearing ourselves apart, that's for sure. We can't afford it in our situation. With a united OLP behind here, Wynne will have no excuse for not pushing a strong legislative agenda once she selects a cabinet and, yes, brings the legislature back to work.

Looking forward to see what Wynne does, and the polls that come out after her positive win tonight. This has been fun folks - and once again, congrats to all involved!


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