Saturday, January 12, 2013

January 8th 2013

Something happened a few days ago that I missed. It's not something you'd normally find data on either, it's something I had to calculate myself.

That's right, Teddy here with more "Fun with Numbers".

As I mentioned in my reply to Kyle's earlier post, the Conservatives have been in government for a good chunk of the past two decades. I decided to sit down and calculate how good of a chunk it was.

Turns out that on January 8th of this year, something happened. Between that date and Joe Clark taking office, exactly half the time was spent with a Liberal federal government, and, half the time with a Conservative federal government.

As of today, you'd have to go back to before Joe Clark became Prime Minister. You'd have to go back to May 31st 1979. Between that date and today, we've spent half our time under Liberals, and half under Conservatives.

On February 22nd, 2024, if the Conservatives remain in government, they'd be able to push the 'start date' back to the day Trudeau took office.

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  1. FTR:
    From Confederation to November 6th, 1946, Canada had just as much time under Liberal as under Conservative governments.

    Between that date and May 31st 1979, the Conservatives spent 2131 days in government, while the Liberals spent 9763 days.

    The current Conservative administration would have to last to December 6th 2033 before they manage to make the entirety of Canada's history equally split between the two parties.