Thursday, January 10, 2013

Glen Murray to Drop OLP Bid?

Supposedly. Which is a shame, because Murray had some good ideas. Challenging the status quo is always a plus in my book, so long as said ideas are grounded - and Glen's were.

One has to wonder where Glen's 461 backers will move to - and my hope is that they'll go to Kathleen Wynne. There is obviously a lot of similarities between all the candidates, and Murray and Wynne aren't different in that regard. The major thing I've been finding in this race, though, is a lot of regionalism (well, everyone vs. Toronto), and breaking with the current regime. Glen quite literally represents downtown Toronto, and he's a cabinet member - but he is a new member, and as we've seen, he is going out of his way to show off ideas that aren't exactly ones proposed by McGuinty or the rest of the candidates. It really comes down to whether Glen's supporters will go for the "outsider," best represented by Pupatello - or if they'll go for the "establishment," represented by Wynne.

Notice I put those in quotes, mind you - I don't believe those titles for a minute, its just what the media narrative, and some of the member's narrative, seems to be shaping up as.

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  1. I think a Wynne victory would seal our party's fate in the next election. The Ontario Liberals will not win with someone from this current administration at the helm.

    Long term? That I don't know, for one simple reason: I do not think that a leader who leads us to defeat will be around for a second election.

    It's less about who is actually the most competent and able and more about who the media tells the public is most competent and able.