Monday, January 14, 2013

Blunt Objects in 2012

2012 was a pretty good year for me, and while we're already 3.8% of the way through 2013, I decided to take stock of some of those fancy Blogger stats that are provided to me and see what's what.

Views in 2012: 124,036

Over 124,000 people "viewed" my blog last year, though in terms of unique visitors, I suspect probably around 25K-30K. This is because of another stat counter I have, but I unfortunately only put in recently, and even then its fairly unreliable. Most of those from Canada obviously, but quite a few also from the United States.

Since I started this blog in 2008, I've had roughly 240,000 "views" - meaning 2012 was by far my most popular year. Obviously I've been doing something right.

Most Viewed Post: Forum Poll: 37% NDP, 30% Con, 22% Lib, plus Trudeau polling!!1! 

I don't know what it is about this one post on this one Forum  poll, but it has gotten over 4,000 views since it was put up in June. There's been several others about Trudeau since then, but they're nowhere near as popular it seems. Other honourable mentions include a post making light about the Montreal protests, and seven other Forum poll posts. One especially noteworthy is a really recent one for Ontario's provincial scene.

Least Viewed Post: Hermain Cain - Syndicated Radio Host

This only got 18 views for whatever reason, even though its got hilarious/scary videos on it. Disappointing.

Biggest Flame War: Northern Gateway Pipeline Post

The second you step your foot into a controversial subject as a blogger, expect to get people calling you out. Which is fun, unless it develops into a 24-comment-long back-and-forth. This is nothing compared to my old days on, of course, but damn.

Honourable mentions go to defending Zach Paikin, chastising Adam Carroll, unilingual AGs, and Teddy's Senate reform.

Biggest Political Event Covered: Alberta's General Election

Obviously not to slight Quebec or anything, but the Alberta coverage on this blog as pretty darn good, if I do say so myself. I covered every poll that came out, I had proper projections (even if they were wrong), and I even had a CoverItLive event (though it fell flat). The official projection page is down now, but it had gotten roughly 2,000 views in that time period, and ostensibly in April 2012, this blog had nearly 19,000 views in that month alone.

The blog's Quebec election coverage didn't get as many views, though the blog went from 7,000 views during August, to 10,000 views in September, so maybe it helped.

Best Referral Site: Impolitical

Actually, its Liblogs, followed by ProgBlogs,then LiberalOnline, but Nancy LeBlanc's referral has given me nearly a thousand views thanks to my newer posts ending up in the bottom corner, and I didn't have to apply for it to get there. Thanks Nancy!

Biggest Search Referral That Isn't the Blogs Name: Montreal Naked Protest

Hence why that one Montreal protest post got so popular. I still don't understand why they did that.

Most Popular Teddy Post: BC By-Election Liveblog

Teddy did what I was too tired to do myself, and a good job he did, garnering over 600 views (I probably average around 100-120). Great coverage and an analysis, can't ask for much else from a co-blogger, so thanks Teddy!

... and that is it, can't think of any other interesting tidbits. This year should be more interesting, given the federal leadership race which I plan on covering in greater earnest, once it actually starts to matter. It hasn't yet.

Otherwise, thanks for the great past year, and I'm looking forward to having another great one in 2013, with the help of everyone here that has given their time to listen to the opinions and stats of some guy out of Burlington. Cheers!


  1. FTR I never seem to manage to pass 10% of posts :P

  2. Hey, just saw this. You're quite welcome! Keep on plugging away, fighting the good fight and all that:)