Saturday, December 15, 2012

Stupid Headline Saturday

"How the Liberal Party Lost Mark Carney"

Of course, the article mentions nothing about how the Liberals actively lost Carney, which is what that headline would've made you think - I know I thought it. When someone says you "lose" something, they don't then go on to talk about how it was never a done deal and probably not going to happen by the end.

But I noticed Jane Taber is one of the authors, and I suspect she wrote the headline because, hey, I need to blame someone. Otherwise, interesting article that is worth the read. The moves taken to try and get Carney were serious enough from several corners, but the Anonymous Liberal quoted in there, who said he didn't think there was more than a "25% chance" of Carney making the jump from the governorship to active politics, was probably overly optimistic.


  1. Nobody wanted Carney on the first place so how does one lose something they never had or ever wanted to have.

    1. Well, that article said otherwise about people wanting him, kitt... but you're not far off the mark, either!