Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Shorter Trudeau on the Long-Gun Registry

I don't support it because guns are important to Canadians.

No, wait, I do support it, "in principle," but it is now too divisive to bring back now that its gone.

But! I support Quebec bringing it back because it is less divisive there.

What the hell.

If you support the registry, Justin, and if you think its good policy, then apply your thought to the entire country, not just Quebec. You're a federal politician, not a provincial député.

And here I stuck my neck out for Justin, on the possibility that you bringing up the long-gun registry was maybe a good idea for discussion. We need the debate, after all. Good on Trudeau! But no, he's just flailing like a fish out of water, looking for excuses.



  1. I think he's trying to move to the centre which is maybe where the liberals should be...Long gun registry a failure...well, yeah. He's not necessarily ruling out other solutions

  2. Here in Toronto we are learning the lesson that flows from electing an unqualified lightweight to a high position. You Liberals should take note.

  3. With respect, it was not the principle of a long gun registry that was bad. It was the incompetent method of regulation that deserves our condemnation. If the Liberals want to regain public support, better they apologize for their screw up and offer to work with all provinces, public groups, first nations, police organizations and with as much cross party support to bring in a system of effective gun registration and control. Don't blame the policy for bad implementation. The first step to redemption is the admission of error.

  4. I don't disagree with all three of your guy's points, my issue is more that Trudeau can't articulate his actual points properly.