Sunday, December 23, 2012

People Are Hijacking the Liberal Party!

Or, at least, encouraging others to hijack the Liberals, according to this Tyee article from some dude named Kai Nagata:
"... the Liberals are holding a leadership race, and us 23 million unaffiliated voters get to shop for who we want leading the party into the next election.

I say the person we elect as Liberal leader needs to be the person who most strongly commits to cooperating with other parties: first, to turf Harper, and second, to get everyone's input in crafting a new electoral system that's fair to all Canadians."
I remember Nagata earlier from some ranty thing about quitting his CBC job that everyone hyped up but I found relatively "meh." No matter, he's paying attention to our leadership race! Thats good! We like attention here!

Given that our Supporters category as of late, while somewhat populated, hasn't been the big success that was expected (I mostly blame the current national executive's lack of enthusiasm for it, but that is another story), its interesting to see someone push for mass activism by utilizing it. This is what some folks feared - the "hijacking" of the Liberal Party by outside interests, and this is probably a good example of it.

Now, I find this particular movement repulsive - how dare you try to "force" anything upon me, you knaves - but that's just personal preference. I rest assured though, knowing that Nagata's uprising will neither get the support of 23-million Canadians, or even a significant percentage, and even if it does, Tom Mulcair will laugh at it. Can't do much co-operating if you're dancing alone, y'know.

But besides that, I find this absolutely fantastic! This is what the so-called "primary" system is designed for, to allow interested parties to take part in an open system and let their concerns be known. This helps influence not just future policy, but makes discussion of issues a key part of the leadership selection process, especially combined with One-Member-One-Vote, because a candidate can no longer just rely on a few party party barons in a clutch of ridings to deliver their votes. Now its all about appealing to those groups that have concerns and issues.

I find it fun, even if I dislike the people who are pushing agendas like Nagata's. It energizes internal democracy, instead of making the leadership a game only played by insiders. This is the kind of thing we need to encourage, even if you disagree with it. You can beat them down by actually having the debate, and presenting the reasonable and sane side of the issue infront of everyone, instead of simply excluding them from even participating.

Onward, brave hijackers! Make this Party even better!

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  1. Our party is in serious danger from progressives attempting to hijack Canada's centrist party. We need more centrists and moderates (IE liberals) to join this party to counter-act the NDP-lite tendency that has been foisted upon us ever since Pearson stole the elder Trudeau from the CCF with promises of power. One can only hope that like Paul Martin, the son is not as radical as the father.

  2. Liberals need to know that if they don't step forward and invest time and energy into this party, others will. If that means it leans left or right due to the vote of those interested, so be it. I'm a member since 1984, have supported every leader along the way, but was attracted to the party by John Turner. We don't have an ideology guiding us but we have placed faith and trust in our leadership. Right now I believe we have a good list of people who are running for the title -- so don't expect me to wail or quit if my choice (i am still undecided) isn't victorious. I think what Nagata was talking of is that this process we have chosen to select a new leader invites people to participate, which is the first step of investing into the party. We can only grow from there, as long as we embrace the process and be willing to accept their input. It's about revitalizing the grassroots.