Monday, December 3, 2012

Open Question to #LPCLdr Candidates

Dear federal Liberal leadership candidates,

My name is Kyle Hutton and I am the author of the blog Blunt Objects, President of the Burlington Young Liberals Club, and a dedicated Liberal since I could vote. But I am also a dedicated democrat, who holds the Canadian example of democracy in high esteem as a stable, representative, and reasoned institution that many of the nations in the world whose populations don't have the right to vote and be represented fairly, as yourselves and I have, all look up to.

Recently though, it seems that many Canadians are being frustrated by our domestic politics, finding the way they're being represented lacking, and often confused about how our system of democracy actually works. The charity group Samara, which discusses, advocates, and produces polling about democratic issues in Canada, came out with a poll that notes that roughly 54% of Canadians don't believe Members of Parliament represent their views, along with many other disheartening findings.

61% of Canadians, however, believe that they represent the views of their parties and leadership just fine - but this isn't an endorsement of the parties in Ottawa. The Samara poll notes thatt many Canadians believe the parties are out of touch, even undemocratic, and fail to represent the average Canadian. Many former MPs, many of whom are your former colleagues I suspect, hold similar views.

As you are all now running, whether officially or unofficially so far, to become the next leader of the Liberal Party, I am curious as to your positions on this. How will you, as possibly the next leader of a party that purports to be representative of Canadians, respond to the results of this poll, if not the many similar stories and complaints you've heard from fellow Canadians, and your own constituents? How will you change the Liberal Party in response to the very real problem of a lack of faith in some of the oldest institutions in this country? What steps will you take to change the prevailing attitude among many Canadians that what we have right now simply isn't working properly?

Or, very simply, can you change it? That is the crux of my question, and I'm very interested in hearing your ideas as potential leaders.

This is an important question for my own decision in the upcoming leadership race, but I suspect for many others as well. Its one we all need to ask, to ensure we don't lose this important democracy of ours, simply because our politicians became too out of touch with the average Canadian.

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