Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Inconsistentcy Abounds

Sigh. From Kinsella's blog:
 [Comparing Leger to Forum] as here, is like comparing the Beatles to Milli Vanilli.  Like comparing Kobe beef to ground chuck.  Like comparing Stephen Hawking to Johnny English.  Like comparing a Harley to a Moped.  Like comparing Olympic wrestling to pro wrestling.  Like comparing a Ferrari to a Ford.

You get the point.
I get the point that Kinsella has little to no idea what he's actually talking about, or is an utter hypocrite, or extremely inconsistent in his views

Kinsella's issues basically stem from the fact that Forum did "poorly" in the Alberta and Quebec general elections of this year. I've pointed out before how this is actually kind of stupid. I don't know what his issue is, but it annoys me.

But let us do this again. Let's take a quick look at the record here, because Leger was also in both elections.

Leger's last poll in the Alberta election, on April 16th - 42% WRP, 36% PC. They showed a consistent Wildrose lead for most of the campaign, just like the other pollsters. Forum's April 16th poll was 40-33, in favour of the Wildrosers, and 38-36 in their very last poll.

Leger's last poll in the Quebec election, August 27th - 33% PQ, 28% CAQ, 26% PLQ. Forum's poll a few days later on Sept. 3rd was 36% PQ, 29% PLQ, and 25% CAQ. At least Forum had the parties in the correct order in their last poll.

Kinsella either needs to take the same stand against what he should equally consider a "Milli Vanilli" pollster, based on this same track record, or just stop talking about it altogether. He should at least have a higher standard than Dick Morris when it comes to punditry.


  1. Seriously, stop reading Kinsella, he's not worth responding to.

    1. I know, I know... but its just so goddamn annoying. :(