Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Questions, questions

A couple of days ago, I renewed my membership (and by ABC monthly donation) with the Ontario Liberals, which means that I have a fairly good chance of becoming a voting delegate for the January 2013 convention in Toronto. Even if I'm not a delegate, I have time to spare this season and I'm willing to campaign on behalf of a candidate I support. This is my first real leadership race (2009's federal race doesn't count in anyone's eyes), and I want to make the most of my involvement.

But the big question for me is who the support, because all six of the candidates entered into the race so far are great politicians and people, who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge with them - those being Sandra Pupatello, Kathleen Wynne, Gerard Kennedy, Eric Hoskins, Charles Sousa, and Glen Murray.

I've been contacted by quite a few Pupatello supporters as of late, as well as getting robocalls and e-mails from Glen Murray's supporters. I also think I got one Wynne e-mail at some point. The other candidates I haven't heard much from, though I know my co-blogger Teddy is supporting Kennedy.

These six candidates are all people I respect quite a bit, so my choice is hard. I've met Eric Hoskins twice, and both times he was affable and intelligent, and he has an interesting backgroud. I've never met Wynne or Kennedy, but both have been great ministers in McGuinty's cabinet and I've always liked how Wynne handles her job. Charles Sousa and Glen Murray have also been good ministers, though I know much less about them and their job performance, or really that they're planning on doing. As I mentioned before, Pupatello's supporters are all around me and from what I've heard so far, she's articulating the kind of ideas I want my next Premier to have.

None of these candidates are substandard. All of them have what it takes... so how do I narrow it down? Should I wait for policy to come out, or will their operations convince me that they have what it takes? How do I decide to support among such a good field?

That's the question I'll need to answer in the next couple of weeks. And shit, is it a tough one.

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