Friday, November 16, 2012

Map of the Day

Very simple map of the 2012 Presidential election by county - essentially, the darker the colour, the more voters there were in the county. Sort of like a population map, but just counting voters who came out.

There's very obvious conclusions to take from this: the GOP has big problems with winning big, urban counties with lots of voters. Look at just a regular county winner map, and the GOP red dominates - but they're all small counties. Its a shame that those rural counties, for all their worth, didn't get the candidate they wanted... but, you win where the votes are.


  1. Your biases are showing :P

    The GOP did win many urban and urbanish areas, like Fort Worth, Pheonix, Orange County Cali, Jacksonville, Salt Lake City, etc. The Democrats have trouble winning many rural areas (as is obvious) but have won some (remember too there are far more rural than urban counties)

    1. I didn't say the GOP didn't win any urban counties - but they have some very large issues with urban counties.

      Plus, think of it this way: the two largest counties that Romney did win, that being Orange County (53.0% over 44.8%), and Maricopa County (55.1% to 43.2%), are nothing compared to the large majorities won in Obama's two largest counties, Los Angles County (68.6%) or Cook County (74.0%).

      The GOP has an urban voter problem. Its common knowledge by now, but even the more suburbanish type urban counties aren't giving them huge edges anymore.

    2. The Democrats have a rural problem. This is why neither party is too keen on fixing it, right now, things are "balanced". Should one party take major steps to fix things, the other will respond.

    3. The Democrats may have a "rural" problem, but it doesn't really matter anywhere except in maybe the House of Reps. And as the suburbs grow more and more liberal, the GOP will be pushed back farther and farther to the rural hinterlands, a position from which they cannot win - handing Democratic candidates a better advantage right from the start. How is that balance?

      I don't think the concept of "balance" exists in politics, and even if it did, this doesn't qualify as balanced at all.