Sunday, November 18, 2012

Good to see Warren Kinsella disqualifed himself for the Liberal leadership...

Because as one of those individuals unable to actually get elected, he’s in the same boat he lumps other Liberals like Martha Hall Findlay, Deborah Coyne, Karen McCrimmon, and David Bertschi into.
What a silly idea. If you lose your seat, you shouldn’t lead the party… I don't see the evidence for it.
What does that say about Jack Layton, who lost his first run at federal politics? He’d certainly have been disqualified for Kinsella.

What would he say to Diefenbaker? He didn’t lose his federal seat, but he massively lost his very first run at politics, leading the Saskatchewan Conservatives to utter defeat.

Or the great Liberal PM William Lyon Mackenzie King? He lost his riding in Toronto in one election, having to instead run in a by-election in Saskatchewan later on.

What about Kinsella’s muse John Tory? He lost two riding-level elections, and led the Ontario PCs into overall defeat in a general election. And a run at the Toronto mayoralty race. Why would that perennial loser be considered the best choice by Kinsella to lead an entire city?

Sigh. My expectations for how "Fight the Right" will go are not very high, but I really hope I'm surprised.


  1. Agreed..... sometimes a persons misguided sense of their own important opinions gets in the way of reasonable discourse

  2. Kinsella supported Chretien for the Liberal leadership. Chretien did not have a seat in the House of Commons when he won the leadership.

  3. IMO Kinsella is not worth responding to any more. Kinsella supported Chretien. The latter has been gone for a decade. Kinsella's influence (if he had any) went with him.