Monday, November 26, 2012

Goddamn Co-operation Movement...

It seems I have yet another tough leadership choice coming ahead of me.

Joyce Murray, the BC MP who officially joined the leadership race today, has come out in favour of some sort of "co-operation" with the New Democrats and Greens.


People who've read this blog regularly should be aware by now that I'm not in favour of this concept. I think its a little premature to say that in order for this party to "win," we need to have some sort of silly run-off nomination with candidates of other parties. But I won't get into that here... just know that it isn't based in anything real. Nathan Cullen was wrong to think it, and so is any other candidate at this point. And look, we don't even have the guarantee of NDP support now. It'll be us and the Greens, w00t.

Anyways... I'll need to think this over, because I like everything else Joyce generally has to say. She seems like a strong candidate with a good head on her shoulders, a good record, and she's a western candidate, something I like.

But... I don't know if I can get past this co-operation thing. Its a big sticking point for me. I either need to be convinced of its viability, or convinced to see past it. I also need to see what other candidates say - Garneau, Coyne, Takach, Merner, McCrimmon, Hall Findlay, even Trudeau.



  1. I think after these by-elections - where you will see two ridings that would have been won by a merged Lib-Green party, that people will start to see that it is a great idea, and stop thinking we should merge with the Socialists.

  2. It is a wet dream of Stephen Harper for the "left" parties to talk about merging, and strategic voting because they KNOW the NDP only talk the talk and will not walk the walk. Greens? Who cares. They still are going nowhere and Elizabeth May, while a wonderful person is a one person party. Twenty years from now???

    Stick to the plan. Elect a good leader, become the Liberal party as in the good old days and win, win, win.

  3. Replies
    1. Very true, if we had preferential ballot, this wouldn't be an issue whatsoever... but we don't, and we're not likely to get it without either ramming it down the throats of Canadians, or hoping for a big, big change in their attitudes.

      But the point is, at last to me, creating an artificial preferential ballot system to nominate a "progressive" candidate isn't a solution. It may not even work.

  4. The Greens nearly won Victoria and played spoiler in Calgary. If you combine the Green+NDP vote in Calgary, or even the Liberal+NDP vote, you do not win. You only win with a Green+Liberal vote. This combo also wins Victoria.

    1. The day I'm forced to vote for a Green is the day I decided to vote Conservative. Which is never.

    2. I should say I technically already voted for a Green, that being my mayor... but I rather mean the party, which is full of complete nutjobs most of the time, incompetence the rest. Especially Lizzy May. I still remember that stupid wireless thing... unscientific nonsense coming from people who just ask others to "look at the evidence." Pft.

    3. If Green voters want to come on board to the Liberals, let 'em - but screw bringing in their leadership with us. As I said, I'd rather vote Conservative.