Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Drop McGuinty from the Natural Resources File

The comments from David McGuinty are, quite clearly, stupid. The actions, the idea, the concept - all stupid. And it was uttered by a man clearly not stupid. Worst of all, this was our natural resources critic that said it.

It is quite unacceptable for anyone to say something along the lines of "go back to X," because it is quite ignorant and foolish. People have a right to be anywhere, with any idea, and representing any platform - be it immigrants, communists, or supporters of Alberta's oil industry.

I don't mind someone criticising the positions held by these people - that's quite alright. Some of it is actually true. Albertans do really have something of a "protectionist" view of their energy industry, inasmuch as they think it needs to be guarded from stupid easterners who want their oil. Whether this is right or wrong can be brought up in a civilized debate.

But never in the context of saying Albertans should "go back to Alberta." That's just utterly stupid.

McGuinty needs to be dropped from his critic portfolio. I'm sorry, but until he either apologizes or makes utterly clear that he misspoke and is totally willing to debate what he said properly, he can't represent the Liberal Party on this file.


  1. Yes, it is true. And after the NEP, one can hardly blame Alberta for being protectionist. The name "Trudeau" is practically a swear word in that province and I know people who still refuse to use a Petro Canada station (even though it's now owned by Suncor) because of what it stands for. Albertans are already distrustful of the Liberal Party, especially with the name Trudeau in the mix. McGuinty's comments really only reaffirmed our opinion of the Liberal Party. JT's refusal to comment on it whilein Edmonton last night really didn't help matters.

    1. Albertans with this mindset need to, quite frankly, get over it. Irrational hatred of a party that isn't even led by the same person anymore, without the willingness to even debate the policy or ideas, doesn't speak well about the character of these people. I understand Albertans want to protect their natural resources, and I'm fine with that, but there is a difference between standing up for yourself, and holding irrational and stupid grudges for a generation or two, or more.

      Then again, stupid comments from people like McGuinty, who should and does know better, never help the situation.