Thursday, November 29, 2012

A New Site for Conservative Trolls to Roam

You may have already seen it, I don't really know how many times its ads pop up (AdBlocker, my friend and yours), but there is a new website called, which is exactly how it sounds - you go about rating your MPs, provincial legislators, and apparently even your mayors.

The vast majority of these individuals have zero rates or reviews to them, even Rob Ford's page has only three reviews. Maybe the site will grow in popularity in time, but it requires a sign up and I doubt some people can be bothered (I can't).

But guess who can be bothered? Conservatives! I specifically noted this when I went to my federal MP's page, Mike Wallace, and found that someone had given the guy 10-stars on every single point.

This person turned out to be the President of the Ontario PC Youth Whatever in Burlington, as well as possibly MPP Jane McKenna's campaign manager. He didn't explain the reasons for his vote, not a surprising thing but it speaks to what is likely to happen to this website.

Its why I'm always suspicious of these "Rate My" sites. From doctors to teachers to carpenters to politicians, its way too easy for people to jump on a non-moderated site and simply vote down someone they don't like. If anyone ever decided to take this seriously, then we have a problem. Hopefully this site will stay dead, or if not, get proper moderation and require substantiated, readable-for-everyone written reasons for the review.

But hey, at least I can look up every mayor in Canada. That is kinda useful.

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  1. Stevie's rating isn't too good so it's not just CPC trolls. Oddly enough, there are no reviews of our favourite local MP, Rob "Sleepy and/or Grumpy and/or Dopey" Anders.

    Like you, I'l not participate in this self-selected group.