Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tonight's Debate

... sucked for Obama. I don't think he got "his ass kicked," like Warren Kinsella claims, but GOP challenger Mitt Romney definitely got the upper hand. But, this is one of three debates, and Obama didn't do so horribly that his campaign will now go down in flames. This was definitely not our last federal election's debate.

But it does reinforce certain things for me: that Romney isn't as bad of a presidential candidate as I was led to believe by his own stupid actions as of late; that the difference between these men is fairly minimal and either/or is a good option for the presidential ticket; and that this race is boring, I much prefer focusing on the House and Senate.

If you want to do battle against the extremists, go battle against John Boehner and his fellow 230ish GOP Representatives. That is where the fight should be focused, because Mitt Romney as President isn't what really concerns me at this point - its a Mitt Romney presidency being railroaded by John Boehner and Mitch McConnnell, and the agenda of the various far-right Tea Party activists.


  1. Media must be held responsible for Obama's disaster tonight. The media. They have bowed to master Obama for four years, fawned over him, never challenged him. I am speaking of CNNMSNBCCBSNBCNYTWPABCAP, except FOX, they never get to ask questions at Obama's press conferences.
    The media think he is God. his aids think he is God, Tonight he got the jolt of his life.

    1. As an avid watcher and reader of CNNMSNBCCBSNBCNYTWPABCAP and occasionally FOX, I disagree highly with your assessment.