Saturday, October 6, 2012

FordNation Collapses

I know this isn't probably the most noteworthy thing in the world, but Rob Ford is probably one of the worst mayors a large, cosmopolitan, and complex major city like Toronto could possibly manage to have. Yet there he is, with all his malfunctions and football-related neurosis. Torontians have caught on to this, finally.

For those that have a similar ideology to Ford - aka, the 26% still sticking with him - just think about it this way: the man has not governed Toronto. He's simply jumped from one personal crisis to another, created by him and his cadre of fellows at City Hall alone. The city is no better off in terms of taxes and governance than when he started, if it is in fact not worse. Only so much blame can be put on the councillors as well. He is a failure, period. Find a new standard-bearer, this one's been shot to hell.

But the question for anti-Fordites is who will challenge the man in 2014? Can you win with a split ticket, or will everyone need to hold their noses and get behind a compromise candidate?

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