Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fire Peter Penashue

This story is amazing. A full member of Canada's cabinet and the only Conservative MP from Newfoundland and Labrador essentially broke several major rules in his campaign attempt to out then-Liberal MP Todd Russell, and then just barely.

Let us take stock of what exactly our Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs managed to fuck up:

- An airline company wrote off $18,000 worth of travel expenses that Penashue should've paid as apart of his campaign. A total of $24,711 was spent on flights alone. This write-off counts as a political donation from a corporation, which is illegal.

- That on top of the fact that he was already $4,000 over the campaign spending limit, thanks to taking loans out from his brother-in-law's development firm.

Two very serious claims that, according to CBC, put him far over the spending limit, which was $84,468.

Harper has ample reason to fire this guy, and he should if his government has any ounce of integrity left. My own MP, Mike Wallace, will be hearing about this to be sure.

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