Monday, October 15, 2012

Bombshell, Indeed

I was going to write about the Nanos federal numbers, but this has sort of taken away the cake today.

Why did he do it? Polling and the recent Kitchener-Waterloo more than likely played a part. You don't usually survive those kinds of numbers without chinks in the armour.

Moreover, the recent issues with the Oakville/Mississauga gas plants has stirred up a lot of controversy in this province. While McGuinty has survived better attempts at political assassination, this is probably the fourth or fifth time its come up. Its a big issue, and maybe he doesn't want this sort of stain on his party to continue onward.

Or maybe he's just tired. He's been leader of the Ontario Liberals for 16 years, Premier since 2003. Its been a long time in government. Four election campaigns, each more grueling than the last. Why not resign when it seems like maybe now is the best time to do so?

But as Evan Solomon just said behind me on my TV, he won 85% support in a recent leadership review - three weeks ago, to be exact. Why the sudden surprise? I don't think it has anything to do with running for the federal leadership - at least, not now. He's staying on as Premier until the Ontario Liberals find a new leader, and that may take months. I doubt he'll be running as a federal leadership candidate while still in office (but, you never know...).

Oh well. It now means I have to decide which leadership race to become involved in - federal or provincial. It also means I have three leadership races to follow - Ontario, Quebec, and federal. Fun.


  1. but aren't you outraged that McGuinty prorogued parliament? Liberals were outraged when HarperCons did this. Liberals and conservatives are just not that different.

  2. Yes, Yes, Yes, thank GOD Yes.

    I'll be taking out a membership in the Ontario Liberal Party tomorrow.

  3. Jan, the fact that you assumed even before I answered that I have no qualms over prorogation speaks volume about your integrity.

    In fact I have an issue with it; if he did it to avoid contempt, I'm not for it at all. Thats crass politicking. But if he did it legitimately for reasons of economic importance, as he claims, I'm okay - just as I would be if Harper did it as well. It makes certain amount of sense if you have to reorganize and refocus. Its terribly if its to avoid bad press.

    But I also realize that if it is for avoiding contempt, no one will care - just as no one cared about Harper doing it.