Saturday, October 13, 2012

Angus-Reid BC Poll: 49% NDP, 26% BC Lib, 16% BC Con

There's a new poll out for BC's provincial scene and its not showing good news for the BC Conservatives, currently wrapped up nice and tight in infighting.

Angus-Reid (BC Provincial - October 9-10, 2012):
New Democratic: 49% (+3%) - 67 seats (-2 seats)
BC Liberal: 26% (+1%) - 12 seats (+2 seats)
BC Conservative: 16% (-3%) - 4 seats (=)
Green Party: 7% (-1%)
Independent: 2 seats (Huntington and Hadland)
Compared to last Angus-Reid poll

Not that the BC Liberals have anything to cheer about either, but its better than going down again - this represents a high point in Angus Reid's polling for them. Compared to Ipsos Reid's last poll, its a bit of a let down, but take what you can get, guys.

The BC Conservative numbers is what is more interesting, as they fall yet again in a poll. Whats more, party leader John Cummins' personal numbers are now just as bad as Christy Clark's, with a approval/disapproval rating of 16/56, or a spread of 40-points, to Clark's 26/65, or 39-point spread.

Cummins and his party have essentially been branded as an "entertaining sideshow," a group that was nearly taken seriously but just couldn't help themselves. Yet they're still taking 21% of the BC Liberal vote from 2009, according to Angus Reid. Sideshow though they may be, they haven't collapsed yet, and there is still a long time to go until the next election - recovery is not out of the question (especially if it isn't for the BC Liberals). Question for them is: is it better to stick with Cummins and hope he bounces back, or risk getting a new leader that may not hold on to the same support?


  1. Mustel, which has been in the BC field for over 2 decades, released their recent BC numbers for September:

    NDP - 45%
    Liberal - 32%
    Con - 18%
    Green - 4%

    1. Interesting, thanks for that update! I'll get to working on that.