Saturday, September 8, 2012

Redistribution 2012: Western Canada

So as I said in the post before, I've managed to get my hands on the transposed results of the 2011 election into the new federal boundaries, which gave us a Conservative majority government of 191, versus 111 for the NDP, and 32 for the Liberals, plus the Bloc and Lizzy May.

While I promise to have the entire thing done this weekend, I do have a job I work at night, and I need sleep - but I've managed to get all of the Western Canada ridings, from BC to Manitoba, which should at the very least please the New Democrats who read my blog and are interested in seeing what those new Saskatchewan ridings have given them.

Below is my EditGrid file of the ridings, and you can look on it there. However, I do recommend you download it through EditGrid, as their interface isn't the best. So long as you have Excel in some form, you should be alright.
As I said, I will update these over the night and tomorrow, and all provinces will be there I also plan on creating maps, for those visual learns out there. But if your curiosity is too much, you can visit the site I got these transpositions from - You can only compare one riding at a time, which makes it a tad inconvenient but still very useful.

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