Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Justin Trudeau Running for LPC Leadership (Sorta Confirmed)

While its not entirely 100% confirmed that Justin is running, its more or less implied that the final decision has been made, and that Trudeau will be announcing it in front of the caucus soon, and then to the wider public next week.

I have no mixed feelings about his entrance - I'm glad he is. I may even end up supporting his candidacy in the end, granted he has a good enough platform for me to. But thats the thing - I want to be able to compare his platform with others that have a viable chance to take over the leadership of our party.

Justin's entrance cannot simply be another coronation, it will kill our party if it is. All this talk of supporters and re-energizing internal democracy within the Liberals will die if Trudeau waltzes in essentially unopposed, much like Martin did in 2003. We need to have a race. I've got no issue is people believe that he's the favourite - Mulcair was the favourite too, and he was the eventual winner for the NDP leadership. But he had a good fight on his hands with several other very capable individuals. His support was fought for, and Trudeau's needs to be as well. We need candidates worthy to be called an opposition so that Justin, if he thinks he can just swoop in and take it over without so much as a yawn, will get his just rewards.

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  1. B.Clinton on Piers Morgan, mentioned extending the two term thingy if people live a while. An alternative is to make the 3rd term a 55% or 60% popular vote requirement. A low enough turnout might ruin such a system (say everyone needs to work like poor people can't afford to vote). A Party is unlikely to nominate such a two termer.