Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Horton Hears A LiberalWho

And sadly it turned out to be a troll (no I don't mean Rick Mercer, thats just where the site redirects now), or a sadly-set up site from either the Liberal campaign - based on it apparently redirecting to the Liberal.ca/Supporters page before it switched to Mercer - who panicked at the last minute.

Why, you ask? Because the site was roughly four hours past its due time, which we know thanks to the handy countdown clock it had that kept ticking every second that the site failed to launch.

I'm not sure what this was, and the @QuiLiberalWho twitter profile has also disappeared. It could've been an aborted leadership launch attempt, or a troll who trolled Kady O'Malley and others (quite poorly too, I mean what was the point if you didn't even gloat afterwards?), or maybe it was an attack site as I posited, but those evil, unscrupulous Dippers knew that I caught on and had to abort it.

Next time you won't escape my Holmes-like powers of deduction, NDP. I am on to you!!

Anyways, I think Kinsella was kind of annoying about this issue - I mean, c'mon dude it was Labour Day morning, no need to call us names. Though I would've loved to have seen the reactions on peoples faces if he did indeed send that reply to all. Nothing like calling a troll irrelevant to get them annoyed.


  1. As I implied on Kinsella's blog - he has no idea what the hell he is talking about.

    1. I'm sure he got the e-mail, though you're right, quite a few people were interested in this issue.

      That's alright, though, I don't take anything Kinsella says to heart anymore ever since he attacked Deborah Coyne over saying - shock - that the Liberals needed ideas if we wanted to survive. 'Cause apparently Kinsella is the only one thinking we don't.