Friday, September 7, 2012

Call to Quebeckers

I know some things about Quebec's political parties, and some more things about the Quebec Liberals... but I'm not that attuned to it. And I'm very interested in watching the upcoming PLQ leadership race, because I feel it'll be fairly important given that we have a PQ minority and another party waiting in the back to take over (the CAQ, just to be clear).

But I don't know the personalities that well. I can take what I read from some of the past races and articles - such as Raymond Bachand running, or maybe Jean-Marc Fournier, maybe Yves Bolduc, etc. - but I don't know the personalities.

So, if there are any Quebec Liberals - or just Quebeckers in general - that can point me in the right direction, give me a primer, tell me who to follow, or link some articles they see, comment on this post or add my Twitter. I want to delve deeply into Quebec Liberal politics, and I need to start now.

1 comment:

  1. Don't rule out Nathalie Nortmondeau.

    I'm not a Quebecker but I'd also keep in mind Frulla, Cauchon, Coderre, and even Pettigrew, Dion, Lapierre, and Trudeau (though the latter 4 are unlikely)