Saturday, September 22, 2012

BC Ipsos Poll: 49% NDP, 32% BC Lib

Ipsos Reid has a new poll out for the provincial scene in British Columbia, showing a marked increase for the BC Liberals...  but the NDP still soaring at great heights, with nearly half of respondents in this poll giving them their support. It coincides with the recent Angus Reid poll that showed slight movement towards the BC Liberals as well.

Ipsos Reid (BC Provincial) - Sept. 11-18th
BC New Dems: 49% (+1%) - 61 seats
BC Liberals: 32% (+3%) - 22 seats
BC Cons: 12% (-4%) - 1 seat
BC Greens: 6% (=)
Independents: 1 seat (Vicki Huntington)

Changes are from the last Ipsos poll. As far as recent polls go for the Liberals, this is their most decent since February - Christy Clark's honeymoon period as Premier. If this were the election result, and not the 20-25% other polls have shown, this could be passed off as a decent result, if still very devastating.

Regionally, the poll shows the Liberals doing well in the Interior, trailing the NDP 36% to 40%. They also do well in the Greater Vancouver area, though not nearly as close, with just 32% to the NDP's 52%. Its still a good number for the Clark Liberals, though.

But this poll isn't all good news for the BC Libs. Christy Clark's approval-disapproval is not well, with 33% approval to 60% disapproval. Adrian Dix, the NDP leader, has a 51-34 split. Conservative Party leader John Cummins' split is 39-57.

Is there a trend a'brewin? Possibly, though this poll was done before the raised concerns over Clark's decision to not recall the BC Legislature for a fall session. It'll be amusing to me if Clark destroyed a positive polling trend in her favour, likely due to the infighting among the BC Conservatives, because of a stupid decision by her government that was completely avoidable.

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