Tuesday, August 7, 2012

We Missed Something in Manitoba...

A by-election call and a new Opposition leader!

Well, I missed it anyways. I knew that former PC Leader Hugh McFadyen had stepped down as leader and also as MLA for the riding of Fort Whyte, but I wasn't aware that Greg Selinger had opted to call it so soon - September 4th, the same day as the Quebec provincial election happens. Guess what is getting drowned out in national news.

Also, apparently former Conservative MP Brian Pallister is the new leader of the Manitoba Progressive Conservatives, after he was the only name put forward on the leadership ballot. Who paid attention to that? I certainly didn't, and the guy had been running since April. Huh.

Fortunately for Pallister, even though he's not in the current PC caucus, he is a throwback from the Gary Filmon era, being a former cabinet member and MLA for Portage La Prairie. How's that for a "new direction," eh?

Furthermore, Pallister is a former Alliance MP, but two years before that he ran for the federal PC leadership, coming in fourth by running on a return to right-wing values. In Harper's government, he basically did nothing, except be continually badgered by the provincial PCs to run (when they didn't want Vic Toews) - and now they have him. I can see where this is going.

Seriously, could no one challenge him? I'm not saying McFadyen was a welcoming moderate but compared to Pallister, he looks like Mr. Rogers. At the very least McFadyen wasn't connected to the Gary Filmon years. This is like if the federal Liberals decided to throw their support behind a Chretien-era leadership candidate - sure, its nice to have someone from the glory days but given the amount of elections we've lost, I think its time to try something new.

Its not different with the Manitoba PCs. Just, why? Why elect a Harpercon? Sigh.

Anyways, apparently Lloyd Axworthy's brother Bob Axworthy is running for the Liberals. I don't know him and I don't know his politics, but any Liberal is a damn sight better than Brian Pallister back in Manitoba's legislature. If you're out Winnipeg way, consider supporting Bob's campaign. Give Fort Whyte the representation it deserves, not the representation the Manitoba PCs couldn't even be bothered to challenge.

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