Friday, August 24, 2012 - Candidate's website or something else?

If you haven't seen this quirky site yet, then go take a look - its just some standard-fare messages and a silhouette of some guy standing with his arms crossed and a background of Liberal L's.

The minor media has gotten something of a buzz over it, and the WHOIS reports tell you nothing about whoever set this site up, apparently a man named Larry Who from Montreal who may or may not live in Justin Trudeau's riding, based on the postal code. Its wonderful that CIRA keeps such detailed, authentic records.

Anyways, what or who the hell is this, you may be wondering? Some have pondered that its Justin hisself, though why the mystery and copypasta slogans I have no idea. Someone of Justin's notoriety wouldn't be served by hiding behind this.

Well, is it Garneau? Again, for what reason? Same with any of the other of the candidates. There is no real rhyme or reason, especially not with those bland slogans. Just read them all, and you'll see.

My theory? Very simple: it is not a Liberal candidate's site, its a NDP attack site to be set up against Liberal leadership candidates or the party in general.

Think about it. Think about some of those questions.
"What if the Liberal Party had a charismatic leader capable of exposing Stephen Harper's lies to the Canadian population?"

"What if the Liberal Party had a leader that was committed to making Canada the safest country on Earth, not the one with the highest percentage of incarcerated citizens?"

"What if the Liberal Party was able to elect a leader that could unite progressives from coast to coast?"
 You could answer all those questions with "NDP" in one form or another. I mean, they're so non-specific and generalized, I see nothing in those questions that screams "this is Liberal-specific". It just rubs me as generalized anti-Harper, pro-progressive rhetoric, which the New Democrats are good at.

Just wait, on September 3rd, it'll come out as "Who can lead the Liberal Party to power? No-one, because they're all losers! Vote NDP!" with the accompanying French.

And if it is a leadership candidate, then all I have to ask is what is up with the mystery? It seems kind of random and pointless, even if it does make the rounds on Twitter a few times.


  1. Yes it is, just lends even more credence to my theory.... or its just a coincidence. Still, conspiracy!

  2. I think it's a great idea for an unknown candidate, like David Merner.

    1. I'm unsure about the merits of it - I mean, he may get the spotlight for a minute but if he's still an unknown he'll still be an unknown. I guess we'll have to wait to find out.