Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What the New NDP Ad is Missing

Their leader.

Now, don't get me wrong - I think the ad is pretty good, if something of a carbon copy of the style of ads the NDP ran in 2008 and 2011 (not the chalk board ones). Its an effective ad, though I don't think they'll be running it for very long, simply on the basis that they don't have the money to do so like the Conservatives have.

But watch that entire ad, then watch this ad.

Ask yourself, which one is more effective of these two? The ad that lambasts Harper, or the ad that lambasts Harper and shows off the leader.

I get that its maybe not an election ad, its so early on so who cares, etc. But those first NDP ads which ran like, I don't even think a week, at least showed off Mulcair with whatever silly message he had. Now we have another ad that expounds on how bad Harper is.... but does nothing to pump up the leader himself.

That is a mistake in my eyes. A party with a leader who is still fairly unknown and undefined should take all opportunities, especially an opportunity afforded by a national ad blitz, to introduce himself. While I don't think its a mark against the NDP and Mulcair, it just opens the door to the Harper Conservatives ever so slightly more to come in, swoop down, and define into oblivion Mulcair's leadership.

At which point the Liberals come in.... or at least that's my fantasy. We aren't even buying ads. Sigh.


  1. "We aren't een buying ads. Sigh."

    All things considered if the Tories and Dippers are going to conduct a negative ad air war against each other with little in the way of self-promotion I'd be perfectly content to just let them. No sense jumping into a fight where your opponents are bloodying each other.

    I'd rather save our pennies for when we actually have a leader. Not spend it frivolously now.

    If fact if I'm Justin Trudeau/Dom Leblanc/Whomever and I decide to go for it the first thing I do (or more likely the first thing I get the guy who'll run my war room to do) is draft up in advance a couple of ads (one "let me introduce myself" ad and another "Harper is Bad, but I'm Good" ad). Not to be put in production... but just have them scripted and concept tested so that you can move on them immediately after the leadership contest is resolved.

    1. What Al said below. Canadians say they don't like negative ads, but they still influence their votes all the same. It of course didn't help that between 2006-2011, the Liberals couldn't helped by be defined and the leaders, however wrongly, failed to prove that the ads weren't incorrect. I mean, Dion was just a big ball of gaffe waiting to happen, and Ignatieff could never find a personal or policy narrative to push back with. And both these leaders would've made oodles better Prime Ministers than Harper, or in my view, Layton. Yet...

      Effective attack ads work. That is a fact, and its going to stay a fact. Plus, it is one thing to say "let them battle it out," but if we can't even get in a word edgewise, we still lose. They may come out bloodied and us smelling like roses, but we're still stuck in the underbrush, know what I mean?

      But you're otherwise right. Spend our money wisely, wait for a leader, and do it positively. That is the way we go, that is the way we win, because I highly doubt we'll be able to do it otherwise.

  2. History shows that negative ads work.The CONs perfected it and got elected The latest NDP ad is more negative than the Jack Layton ad,so my vote goes with Muclair