Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Federal Party

The Online Party of Canada is now eligible for registration from Elections Canada. This means if they run a candidate in a by-election, they become a fully-fledged registered party. From what I can gather, the party has existed for about 2 years, but is still small.

The party's main stance is that governance should be online and participatory. All bills would be open for online discussion - perhaps in blog form or as an Internet forum - and users - that being all Canadians - would then be allowed to comment and vote. MP's would be legally forced to do what Canadians want.

An interesting idea, and maybe workable in a few decades with better technology. Not many "single-issue" parties are formed on the basis of democratic and/or electoral reform. While I don't think their ideals are realistic, I do think that the party could have a positive impact by opening issues to more discussion among all Canadians.


  1. There are so many outdated customs in Parliament today that don't serve a purpose anymore. Why do MPs still have to vote in person? They could send an email with their intention to vote. We basically already know how they are going to vote anyway. Why don't we let them stay within their communities and help with other riding matters?

  2. If they stay with their communities.. they can't be manipulated and influenced as easily as they are in Ottawa.