Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bev Oda quits; Almost No-One Sheds a Tear

Except maybe Bev herself, but I don't want to make the accusation that she cared about her job, given the amount of screw-ups she committed, plus the outright fraud, she clearly didn't care what happened to her.

It is, though, for the best. Not everyone in the Conservative cabinet is an incompetent. But Bev Oda was. Whether it was the waste of taxpayer money on orange juice, expensive hotels, and limousines, the funding from Americans for her campaign, the gutting of CIDA, and the outright fraud, she was just the biggest screw-up in the cabinet, far and away the most clueless cabinet minister, even more gaffe-prone than Bernier and MacKay combined. Why she continued to be in cabinet was always a mystery. My theory is that she was the perfect little Harper soldier, fell in line when told, and in order to commit outright fraud on behalf of the Prime Minister, how many in cabinet would actually do that? Bev Oda would.

So long, Bev. You may have made a milestone as the first Japanese-Canadian in cabinet, but you will be forever known as the fuck-up who inserted the not. Good luck, and good riddance.

Now, on to the fun part - a by-election campaign in Durham!

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