Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Two New Leadership Contenders Join the Race - Including Coyne!

No, not the Coyne everyone wanted to enter the leadership race, though I'm sure some are still holding out for Andrew. Who better to lead the party than a successful middle-aged journalist? Wait...

Deborah Coyne, most famous for being the mother of Pierre Elliot Trudeau's only daughter and helping to scuttle the Meech Lake Accord, has jumped into the race becoming the first semi-big name to do so officially. She'll be joining Shaun Geschiere, Jonathan Mousley, and sorta kinda David Bertschi as the "declared" candidates for the leadership race.

Coyne has a website up... well did, it doesn't work right now for some reason. But she's on Twitter, and has a LinkedIn profile. Moreover she has her very own media following, with her announcement producing headlines on CBC, the Globe and Mail, TorStar, HuffPo, and so on. The Globe Article has the best outline of her candidacy so far.

Oh, before I forget.... she's going to make this leadership race hilariously awkward! As mentioned, Coyne is the mother of Trudeau's only daughter, and while I'm unsure of the details, I don't believe the relationship between the Coynes and the Trudeaus is very strong. She apparently didn't even ask that side of the family, specifically Papineau MP Justin Trudeau, son of Margaret Trudeau who was PET's wife for quite a few years. Its all very Days-Of-Our-Livesish, if Justin decides the enter.

Don't get me wrong, I have no doubts that Deborah Coyne has many ideas and policies and has strong positions, ones that I probably agree with. No doubt about that at all. But my God I hope this doesn't add in unneeded family drama into the Liberal's leadership race. The last thing we need is for the media to pick up a story about how Deborah's and Justin's body language speaks to such utter hatred or something dramatic going on. We are already so irrelevant as a party that injecting daytime drama storylines into the race will just help bury the party more.

Moving on, the fourth leadership contestant we have that we can say is officially declared is David Merner, former LPC-BC President, who announced yesterday he was stepping down to run for the leadership.

He's got a Facebook, but that's all I know so far - no website or even Twitter that I can find yet. Not as big as an announcement as Coyne, obviously, but hey, now we've got a party going.

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