Monday, June 11, 2012

Quebec By-Elections Tonight

The provincial ridings of Argenteuil and La Fontaine, from which two Liberal MNAs had resigned -  David Whissell and the corrupt douchebag Tony Tomassi - are having √©lections partielles tonight, both of which I'm likely to say are going Liberal, but as an earlier post on Argenteuil noted, we could see an upset.

Watch the results live here from Elections Quebec (yes it is in English), and I'll do an analysis tomorrow.

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  1. Argenteuil
    72 of 180 polls
    PLQ - 37%
    PQ - 34%
    CAQ - 20%

    82 of 158 polls
    PLQ - 54%
    PQ - 16%
    CAQ - 16%